Create a custom experience that makes every guest feel special through custom calligraphy.

In this digital age , imagine the joy of receiving a hand calligraphed items customized just for your clients. Our on-site service offers the opportunity for your clients to customize their items with their names, initials or custom quotes. 

Items to be personalized are:

Place cards, notebooks, gift tags, brand packaging , envelopes, paper goods and more. The options are endless so reach out to see which option works best for your event . 


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Hand Engraving 

Hand engraving ( etching) adds a personal touch that can last for a long time. We use our small portable micro drill that does not take up much space and will still look aesthetically pleasing unlike those bulky engraving machine. Hand engraving also makes it possible to engrave on any type of surfaces whether it is round, square, oval or rectangular. 

Hand engraving is popular on tumblers and metals and especially on perfume bottles.

Clients love to receive personalized perfume bottles especially with their names engraved on the bottle. Names are the most important identity of a person and we love to highlight it with hand engraving and can make it stand out with either gold or silver fillings.

Again the options are endless so reach out to discuss with options works best for your event.


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Bottle Painting

Painting has always captured people’s heart and this service will definitely capture your clients, guests and customers heart.

They can watch a piece of item turn into a beautiful keepsake. Live Bottle painting service can definitely be a conversation starter at your next event as customers can mingle and chat while watching an artist turn an item into a piece of art.

Items to be personalized are :

  • Fragrance bottle
  • Wine bottle
  • Glassware products
  • and more

Reach out and see if this option works best for your event.

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Fashion Illustrations 

Elevate your next  event with a beautiful watercolour fashion illustrations. Guest and clients will 

be able to see them turned into a stylized version and gets to take a piece of art as a memorable keepsake of your event. 

Service includes a fashion illustration of your guest on a watercolour paper with a name written in hand calligraphy.


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