About Us

Welcome to “I Happily Create” located in Toronto, Canada . We specialize in creating memorable and  customized events dedicated just for you and your client through calligraphy, hand engraving and bottle painting . Our hope is to bring smile and joy to each individual through personalized services and build a meaningful human connection.


Founder Story

Hi ! My name is Pavitra and I am the founder of “I Happily Create” . I started this business while going through the meaningful ups and downs of motherhood and the lessons it has taught me . It has shaped me into a human being that truly resonates to curating and building a meaningful human connection.  After quitting my corporate job to be a full-time stay at home mother to my 3 young children,  I was in search of something that could give me “ME” time . I found Calligraphy! Calligraphy became a way to pen my thoughts and feelings throughout this motherhood journey. I would look at quotes that described how I was feeling on daily bases on Pinterest, quote books and write it down . Calligraphy was a way to slow down my thoughts and focus on each stroke as I wrote those inspirational and motivational quotes with a calm music playing in the background.  I fell in love with calligraphy. Motherhood is a blessing yet, in the thick of things mothers are forgotten.  With this in mind, I created this business in the hopes of making each and every person feel special and to build a meaningful human connection in this digital age.  

Hand written message are slowly forgotten because of digital world but I want to keep it alive because even if the world is technologically advance there is truly something magical about receiving hand written messages and hand painted art work . 

I value creating experiences where your name matters and you are not just a number  . I love working with luxury brands, wedding vendors and corporate clients who are passionate about building one on one client experience that last a long time through the art of customization such as hand calligraphy, hand engraving (etching) and illustrations.

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